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Gray Foot and Orthotic Clinic
30 Thirteenth Street East
Cornwall, Ontario
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Trusted Specialists

As Chiropodists, we are medical professionals who specialize in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of disease and disorders of the foot by therapeutic, surgical, orthopaedic, and palliative means.


Custom Orthotics

Our chiropodists will advise which type of activity specific custom orthotics would best suit your foot issues. 

Effective Treatments

We provide treatment for many foot and ankle problems and disorders. We are proud to offer services in both English and French, all staff are fluently bilingual.

Our Clinic

Providing excellence in treatment of foot and ankle disorders and specializing in orthopaedic needs for over 20 years. 

Our Chiropodists can treat many foot issues such as heel pain, metatarsalgia, bunion pain through orthopaedic therapy. They can aid in resolving ingrowing toenail, corns and callus, and plantar wart issues.

Our Treatments


Inflammation of one of the small seasamoid bones situated under the big toe joint.

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A bump on the side of the large toe due to its deviation inwards.

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Flat Feet

A common deformity where there is collapse in the arches of the foot.

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Our Clinical Team

Christina Gray Small

Christina Gray


Marissa Radley Small

Marissa Radley